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Auction for charity: music collections and bow of Roel Dieltiens

Roel Dieltiens, whose post I shared on this blog in 2014, has just contacted me about his generous donation of music, as well as a cello and bow, to a charity to help the many musicians whose careers are suffering from Covid. Mr. Dieltiens is an expert performer of Franchomme’s works, whose recordings very much inspired my own research and recordings. He is also famous for his gorgeous recordings and performances of many other composers.

Here is what he write about the upcoming online auction (live viewings in Antwerp):

I would like to draw your attention to a project called “Cello for Charity”. I got involved because many (young) musicians are suffering severely from the Covid crisis.
This project ends on February 18th with an online auction which is very interesting for young cellists / students.
– Because I decided to stop playing concerts (Arthritis), I donated my entire cello library to this charity. More than 640 scores which students could possibly buy for little money.

– Around 62 scores for cello quartet will also be auctioned.

– Then there is also a super-good and beautiful, newly built cello by J. Wouters and one of my Cornelissen bows, with which I played a lot. Both can be tried out in Antwerp during the week of February 8th. I’ll be there too.

I would really appreciate it if you would inform your students and / or colleagues about this auction.
You can find all information under Cello for Charity 2021 | Bernaertsand

Thank you very much.

Wishing you all the best, Roel Dieltiens