Dear Franchomme Fans,

I’m so glad you’re here.  Please treat my research, and the work of others, with the respect it deserves. All contents of this blog, and their expression of them, is protected information. The text on this blog is copyrighted by Louise Dubin (except text from my guest bloggers, which is copyrighted by them), and reproduction in any language is prohibited by law.  You are welcome to refer to any text content from the Blog Days of Auguste, as long as you link back to this blog AND as long as you cite Louise Dubin-(email me if you need advice about how to do this)…unless you’re profiting from using the information, which is prohibited.  Publishing or displaying material derived from its contents, in any language, without citing me is also not allowed. As far as images go–some of the posted images I’ve paid for permission to use, so please ask me before you borrow any image on this blog (if you need to acquire your own permissions, I’ll tell you how). If you do cite this blog, you don’t need to notify me, but it really makes my day when someone does. That all said, I’m happy to have you on here, and please comment on the posts and help spread the word about Auguste Franchomme!

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